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The storage bench was presented in two main styles, antique and modern. The antique storage bench was produced far period ago, possibly passing centuries and decade. Different style of storage bench is bringing different decoration effect for a space. Thus different style of these storage benches is required to match with different styles of interior plan. For example a rosewood storage bench is ought to be the one that matches with classic room setting. Somehow the modern style of storage benches is pretty popular recently. People found modern styling storage bench is beneficial for room styling. By the way, how far this statement is true, let’s discover the pros and cons of include these pieces into your space.


Unlike antique storage benches, modern storage bench usually come lighter. The bench normally is lighter and flexible for any placement. This is the fact where most reviews on these benches highlighted this privilege of modern storage benches. You can place the bench as and when required to any rooms you like. The second good thing about this bench is it normally constructed artistically and versatile. The hand-woven modern storage bench with baskets for example is the warm and cozy piece that enhances the homely feel for a space, especially for living homes. Thus a white modern storage bench with lovely red floral print is the beautiful item that enhances the modernist sophistication value for a room. This is how people always include these pieces as part of their modern room décor. The last advantage that this bench brought to your space is pertaining to its usages. As far as concern many modern storage benches are multipurpose, other than preparing seating and storage place. For example a brown suede large storage bench white contemporary bench legs and frame is the substitute piece for coffee table. Besides coffee, you can place any beverages on its top.


It is pretty hard to identify the cons of modern storage bench unless you are asked to find it out. Actually the some modern storage benches are not as sturdy as the antique pieces. This we need to refer to the material of making the benches. Many antique benches are made of quality solid wood like teak, maple etc. Somehow the modern style bench might not construct of solid wood. This makes lots of difference when it comes to the durability and longevity of the benches. Other than that the modern style bench for sure will not suit classic interior. They play a better role for modern room interior. Finally the modern storage bench might not able to offer the level of classiness and elegance that performed by the antique storage benches.

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