Do you ever think of DIY your own corner bench? Basically there are lots of advantages of making your own corner bench, you can customize the features and patterns that you want for your own bench. As such, below are few simple steps that get you deliver your desired bench.

Bench Size
You need to estimate the size of the corner bench by using a square frame. You should also add the rubber tape to the corner of the square frame to avoid the piece is scratching the walls. As far as concern the measurement of these corner benches should take for both walls to corner.

Seat Cut
Now we come to the seat cut stage which you need to cut the corner bench seat portion from ¾ inches of wood. Basically any wood type served like birch wood, cherry or oak. You should also cut the piece by using a circular saw with the measurement taken earlier. To make your cut an accurate and quality cut, you can place a level of clamp on the place that you want to cut. As far as concern this item acts as a fence to keep the cut straight in order for you to get a quality corner bench later. Then you need to cut the second piece for the upholstery of your bench which is 3/4″ longer at the front edge. Moreover the rout both sides of the front edge of the large piece using a router with round-over bit. The cut of about 2″ x 4″ pieces to the length of each side of the triangle are mitering the edges on the compound miter saw. The cut process continued which your pad out of 3″ foam to match the wood of the bench by undercutting all edges at an angle. For best results, you can use an old electric carving knife to cut through foam.

Attach the Foam Pad and Quilt Batting
You can now spray adhesive on one side of the larger piece of wood. Spray the underside of the foam pad to keep pad from shifting. Then you should cover the seat with quilt batting and cut around the seat by leaving a 3″ allowance on all sides of your corner benches. Basically this step is applied to any other corner bench like corner storage bench and kitchen corner bench. You need to hammer the staples down flat and trim excess off at ends by cutting in toward the corners as needed.

Cover the Seat for your Corner Bench
You need to cover the padded seat of your corner bench with cotton muslin fabric. This fabric piece needs to be cut with about 6″ larger on all sides. You may also flip the seat over and pull the muslin taut by stapling it to secure the seat placement. You need to trim the excess muslin and feather the batting to thin the edges by joining the upholstery fabric in the same manner as the batting and muslin.

Install the Bench
To install the corner bench, scribe a line on the wall at the height you want the seat and use a stud finder to mark the position of the studs. Then you can attach the molding and upholstered for your corner benches. You can cut pre-stained crown molding to cover the front edge and use a nail gun to attach under the wood.

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